Sunday, April 27, 2014


On April 8th, my boyfriend and I decided to go see the one and only Miley Cyrus in concert! If I do say so myself, she was absolutely amazing! The concert was all the way in Raleigh, North Carolina so we had a ways to drive. The drive was about 2 hours there and 2 hours back. I swear it felt like the longest drive of my life because I was so excited! After a very long drive, we had made it to the PNC Arena where Miley Cyrus was to perform. We arrived a little early so we decided to walk around and explore the arena a bit.

When it came closer to the show starting, Hunter and I found our seats. I must say our seats were absolutely perfect! I could see the entire stage and no annoying tall people were in front of me to block my view. 
7:00 hits and the arena lights go off! I could not believe the fact the Miley Cyrus had Icona Pop! open up for her! Those two women did such an amazing job at warming up the audience for Miley Cyrus. 

The concert opened with a bang and kept everyone entertained throughout the entire show. Miley Cyrus had people dressed in animal costumes, there were giant fake cars on stage, someone dressed as artist Big Sean and sang with her, and she even flew over the audience sitting on a giant hot dog. 
I definitely did not leave that show disappointed!

The concert lasted about 3 hours, but time felt like it slipped through my fingers. I felt as if I were only there for like 20 minutes. It was definitely a night I will never forget!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break!

I was so happy to get away from this school for a week! Though I didn't do a lot of things, it was good to relax and actually sleep in for once. Because my boss knew I was on break, I did get a lot more hours at work which made me happy. I definitely needed those extra hours. In my previous blog, I mentioned that I moved into a smaller apartment in my complex. Well, you guys, I am moving AGAIN. It’s kind of ridiculous, but I am happy to move out of that hell hole. I officially have a place in Colonial Heights… goodbye Prince George!

The place is small, but so am I. I am really comfortable in my new apartment.
                Between packing and working, I really didn't have time to do anything else except become extremely tired and sleep. My boyfriend, Hunter, did give me a lovely surprise though! Because of my car being totaled, Hunter has been trying his best to get me to and from work every day, with the help of my mom as well. One night after getting off, Hunter was waiting for me outside. When I opened the car door, I found roses sitting in my seat with a note that said “I love you”. Receiving those roses honestly made my shitty day completely turn around. I am so lucky to have him! He did get me something else, too... a trip to the beach!

                Hunter got my boss to give me the weekend off so he could go me a surprise trip to Virginia Beach! We headed down there on Saturday morning and left late morning on Sunday. It was so sweet of him! Hunter got someone to take pictures of us on the beach; the pictures turned out so good! He took care of the hotel room; it was only like four blocks from the beach, so I didn't have a problem with walking. On Saturday night, Hunter took me to a really nice restaurant called “Aldo”. It was precious because we sat in an outside section of the restaurant. We were the only two out there. I wanted to turn the sweetness around on him so I paid for the night. Lord, it was a 100 dollar meal! It was damn good, though!

I swear, Hunter Reed is so prefect to me <3

Overall my break was pretty amazing!

Though I didn't do much, I wouldn't have had my break spent any other way.

Friday, March 7, 2014

When I grow up...

Because of the snow days and Sweeney canceling class due to personal reasons, I honestly have no idea what to write about. I guess what's on my mind is the future and where I want to be...

To start, I'm going to school to major into education. I have wanted to be an English teacher for as long as I can possibly remember. Ever since I was little, I always wanted to work with children. I'm aiming to be a secondary teacher; which is around high school age, but honestly, teaching in general will make me happy.

In my senior year of high school, I participated in a program called "Teachers For Tomorrow." It was a class based on teaching you about how to teach, teaching philosophies, and how to even create your own lesson plans. It was a four nine weeks class, but in the last nine weeks we were able to go and experience a real classroom setting. I chose to handle a ninth grade class room; an honors English class to be exact. Of course, at first, I was highly nervous, but the class made sure I was comfortable and welcomed me with open arms. I taught the class Romeo and Juliet for the nine weeks, and they loved it! We acted out a couple of scenes and read the entire story line in the literature books.

The last day of teaching my babies was so upsetting. Each and every one of the kids made sure to hug me about ten times, and the class and the teacher gave me a card. Inside the card, each of the kids wrote a special note to me. Mrs. Jenks, my shadow, told me it was an honor to have me and that I will become a very successful English teacher.

It felt to good to teach those kids. It felt natural to me. I honestly cannot wait to start my career as a teacher.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feeling like such a kid, and I love it!

So, this past weekend I felt like a total kid. Partly for the outside of class participation and for my own pleasure, I went to the circus! My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the Ringling Brothers' Circus act on Sunday. I had to work that day, but thank the lord I was allowed to leave early so I could get ready.

I actually think I was a bit too excited just because I've actually never been to the circus...
Sunday was my first time ever going to one!

We had perfect seating <3 We could see the whole arena around us and could see all of the entertainment.
In the beginning of the show, some of the clowns came in to the audience to choose a couple of volunteers. I am SO happy they did not pick me! I would have freaked out because the volunteers had to dance and do crazy things... There were way too many people in the arena for me to embarrass myself.

There were tigers, poodles, elephants, bunnies, and so many more animals doing tricks; they were all so cute! Though all of the acts were really entertaining, I felt so bad for those animals. They looked so miserable out in the arena during their acts. None of them smiled, and all of the tigers looked so angry. The tigers looked like they wanted to eat the trainer! I wish the animals were treated better than they are... You can tell they are treated terribly.

Overall, I had a really good time… Everybody participating in the circus did such a great job; they really knew how to make the entire arena laugh and enjoy their time. I didn't want to leave; 3 hours went by way too quickly! On the way out, I bought myself a little stuffed elephant... that was the perfect way to end my amazing night! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moving Days

So, I commute to school; I live about 20 minutes away from the school with no traffic. I live in an apartment complex and have been there for a little under year. Because my lease is ending soon, I have been looking at other apartments in and outside of my current complex. I really have not had any luck though, unfortunately. This past Monday, the manager of my apartment complex, Stacey, came to talk to me with questions on why I was looking elsewhere and was asking questions about what I did and did not like about the apartments. Honestly, the only reason why I was looking at other apartments is because the rent has gotten so expensive. I cannot afford a 4 bedroom apartment any more. To get me to stay, Stacey told me that she would look around and see what type of apartments are open.

It is now Tuesday and I get a call from Stacey. Stacey told me that there is one apartment open, but there is a catch... I have to be moved out and in to the new apartment in two days! I have to be moved in to the new apartment by Thursday! My family and I immediately start packing and bust our asses to get things done. 

With a lot of hard work and a lot of heavy ass lifting, we did it! With the help of my brother, my mom's boyfriend, and my mom, the old apartment was cleared out on Thursday by noon. The new apartment is definitely smaller and there is less space, but  it's nice. It is on the second story, so my dogs can go on the balcony and go outside other than the times I walk them.
Hopefully this will be my last move for a very long time!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I think the groups Sweeney puts us in are completely pointless. I do not understand how it supposed to help people with their writing. It surely does not help me! The group I was placed in was a little uncomfortable for me only because I would rather work by myself to complete my tasks. I feel that working in groups kind of slows me down... The people’s comments and suggestions slow me down because they distract me and make me rethink a lot of what I want to do with my essay. I don’t like to brain storm or make bubble charts; I would rather just write two or three rough drafts and eventually come up with my final draft. For our first paper, the topic is crime and punishment. I am choosing to write about the death sentence here in Virginia. I am with the death penalty, to a certain point. I am going to write about how the death penalty is a good idea to take the bad people off of the planet. I feel that the death penalty should be altered though. The death penalty should be given to specific people like murderers, child molesters, and other people along those lines.

I am glad that the papers are all due at the end of the semester though… That way I’ll have plenty of time to do them instead of being rushed like in my previous school years! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Today in class...

Today in class, Sweeney wanted to try an exercise with us. This exercise is to try to help us relax and clear our minds for our papers.

My Distractions Around Me:
·         Mr. Sweeney
·         People typing too loudly

What I feel like writing about right now:
·         I would like to write about my relationship with my mom.
·         I would like to write about my feelings about moving.
·         I could write pages among pages about my boyfriend.

Forget anything? Topics?
·         I want to write about how much I love food.
·         I would like to write about how I want to get into shape, but I have absolutely no motivation.

Which topic draws my attention right now?
·         The topic that draws my attention the most is my relationship with my mother.

My Mother and Me:
            My mother is a beautiful person with an amazing soul. My mother, Melissa Gantner, is a single mother of four children. She has been a single mother providing for her family for over six years now. My mother tries her absolute best to give my brothers and I what we need, whether its money, food, or just decent advice. I know it’s hard for her to move day to day, but she never gives up. My mother is a true inspiration to me, no matter how tough her life may become. She is will-minded, strong, smart, beautiful, and so much more rolled up into one. It actually makes me proud to look exactly like her because that makes me feel like that I am one step closer to growing up to be just like her.

Word to describe the topic:

Where do I feel this felt sense?
            In my heart; if I was able to, I would write an entire book on how amazing my mother is.

Why might this topic be difficult for me?
            If I talk about my mother for too long or in too much detail, I may become too emotional to finish writing.